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Painting flowers on walls in her Grandmothers basement, Trish’s desire to play with paint, texture and fabrics started at a young age. With a background in art, her personal experience leveraging color and design has allowed Trish to exhibit a keen sense of style and the ability to create comfortable, unique, spaces, filled with character. Much to her husband’s chagrin, Trish’s home is her canvas where she can regularly be found re-painting a room, swapping out some stone and moving the furniture around!
From a young age, Steve enjoyed all things “sticks and bricks”. His career path led him through all of the disciplines that constitute construction and today has found himself in the position of general contractor for many multi-million-dollar projects a year. Steve believes in the old adage, People, Process Product. They all contribute to a successful project in their own right and without one, the others will inevitably suffer like a two-legged stool. When the time permits which these days is few and far between, Steve enjoys a walking round of golf.